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305, 2024

A Deep Dive into Anatomy: Dissection Success!

This week in Science, we embarked on a fascinating journey into the internal workings of an organism – the dissection of a rat! Dissection allows us to get a hands-on look [...]

1503, 2024

14th March 2024 Pi Day!

On 14/03/24 we celebrated Pi day in lots of different ways, we had pie for lunch, students cooked cottage pie in catering lessons and we had lots of activities around why [...]

1203, 2024

Science Dissection Lesson

To bring our topic of ‘Organisation’ (The body)’ to life and to continue to ignite curiosity and scientific inquiry, this week we dissected an eye. Our classes once again put on [...]

803, 2024

Bridge Building Challenge

In our extra curricular sessions, Class E1 were looking at teamwork - specifically negotiation of different opinions / ideas and the prioritisation of spending. They had a challenge of making a [...]

403, 2024

Mock Exam Week w/b 04/03/2024

Next week is mock exam week for Year 11s and some selected Year 10s. This is a very important week as it prepares our students for their final exams - both in [...]

2702, 2024

College Open Morning on 28th March 2024

Dear parents, carers and other designated key adults for our children, Following the success of the open morning at the end of Autumn Term, we will be doing this again on Thursday [...]

802, 2024

Inclusion Quality Mark Inspection – Jan 2024

Highfields College staff constantly look to review and improve on their work - we strive for excellence in all things. As part of this, we invite in respected organisations and other established [...]

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