The school is current receiving Catch-Up Premium for COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

The school has referred to guidance about effective use of this funding.

The funding is being used to provide an additional two Scale 4 Teaching Assistants for this academic year in the first instance.

These TAs will provide more support to teachers in classrooms which – when combined with lessons that are planned and delivered in a targeted way – will in turn see better results for our young people. This is in line with guidance and research in this area. It is envisaged that in a group of 6 – 8 students, the teacher sets the work for each student then gives the students who need extra support additional 1-to-1 coaching whilst the TA keeps the rest of the group working – and then there is an interchange, as the teacher moves round the class. This is in line with pages 15 – 16 of the above guidance.

The above will also bolster school systems in terms of the operation of our School Relations Policy – which involves levels of mentoring and casework.