We realise that for many students, Cooking & Nutrition lessons are a highlight of their week. For students attending school, we are putting on these lessons in their microbubbles. However, for students not attending during the current lockdown, we have also put together a series of recipes that can be completed in 1 hour at home.

These recipes can be found here: Highfields Cooking at Home Cookbook

Each week, Ms Fletcher chooses a ‘Recipe of the Week’ from this book. We can also deliver ingredients to students at home, if they email Mrs Fletcher by Friday of each week: lisa.fletcher@highfieldscollege.org.uk. 

The ‘Recipe of the Week’ for Spring 2021 are as follows:

Week Beginning Monday 1st Feb – All American Cookies – Page 3

Week Beginning Monday 8th Feb – Nom Nom Nachos – Page 26

Week Beginning Monday 22nd Feb – French Twist Pancakes – Page 16

Week Beginning Monday 1st March – Speedy Mexican Bake – Page 30

Week Beginning Monday 8th March – Savoury Picnic Scones – Page 29

Week Beginning Monday 15th March – Crunch Cornish Fairings – Page 9

Week Beginning Monday 22nd March – Chocolate Nests – Page 7