External Placements

All students on roll at Highfields College are expected to attend the school unless they are on a trial / reintegration placement at a registered mainstream school or beginning a trial / transition placement at a registered special school or Alternative Education Provision (AEP).

Highfields College does not ordinarily commission educational placements at third party providers (Unregistered Alternative Provision). The only exception to this is where a student has a particular subject interest that cannot be provided in-house or at a mainstream partner school – and this would then involve commissioning a maximum of 2 days per week with the remainder of the week at Highfields College. In such exceptional cases, the provider is inspected / audited beforehand by Highfields College staff to ensure high standards are met, establish a communication plan and agree a schedule of monitoring visits for the duration of the placement.

Since COVID-19, the availability of work experience placements has become increasingly limited. Where work experience opportunities do arise, Highfields College will visit to ensure there are shared values and, from there, commission a health and safety inspection. Again, it is expected that work experience over any duration takes up just 2 days per week with the remainder of the week at Highfields College. Again, a communication plan and schedule of monitoring visits will be agreed.

The above work falls within the remit of the Emotional Well-Being Team. Inquiries about this should go to Mrs Hibbert in the first instance.