Highfields Extension (KS3)

The Highfields site is split into two separate areas – the Main Building and the Extension Building. KS3 is based in our Extension Building.

The Extension Building has six main groups, made up mainly of Key Stage 3 students (Y7, Y8, Y9).

Form Tutors are as follows and these should be contacted directly about any queries / concerns via the main school number 0161 4067922 or be email:

  • E1 – Ms Mehtar – mai.mehtar@highfieldscollege.org.uk
  • E2 – Mrs Rowe – megan.rowe@highfieldscollege.org.uk
  • E3 – Mrs Uttley – emma.uttley@highfieldscollege.org.uk
  • E4 – Mr Barlow – kurtis.barlow@highfieldscollege.org.uk
  • E5 – Mrs Thompson – becca.thompson@highfieldscollege.org.uk
  • E6 – Mrs Clish – julia.clish@highfieldscollege.org.uk

Students undertaking a step-by-step transition to KS3 Extension and accessing Day 6 and/or KS3 Extra Curricular (ECO Groups) come under the oversight of our Director of Outreach – Mrs Jones – 0161 406 7922 – sarah.jones@highfieldscollege.org.uk

The Extension Building operates as follows:
  • Start: 8:30am
  • Finish: 2.15am (12.45am on Friday)
The aims of area are as follows:
  • Provide extended support for young people with a view to a fresh start at a new school.
  • Provide ‘focused respite’ in terms of breaking cycles of conflict, often rooted in high-anxiety and fight responses – particularly where there has been a relatively sudden escalation and short history of behaviour concerns.
  • Provide a smaller yet mainstream-orientated setting whereby a young person with questions around the nature of their needs and roots of their disruptive / aggressive presentation can be placed under a ‘gentle scrutiny’ through observation and assessment.
  • Formulate a programme of mentoring that will make inroads into a young person’s perspective of themselves, others and the value of learning – with a view to this being carried forward by their mainstream school / special school.
  • Provide practical, constructive recommendations to the student’s future school in terms of the work they can carry forward for the young person – with a view to preventing behaviour escalating in the future.
  • Establish / re-establish working relationship between school professionals, family and any outside agencies.
  • In partnership with the referring mainstream school, plan and implement a personalised route back to school.
The cohort is split into 6 classes of 8 students (i.e. 48 student places in total), with each fully equipped class having a dedicated teacher and teaching assistant. The centre also has its own ICT facilities and activity/lunch area, with lunch being provided for all students.

The students follow a specific curriculum which is outlined here: Curriculum Overview 23 – 24 – KS3 Extension

The curriculum offer is based around a creative / thematic model where students undertake projects that draw upon a range of subjects. The Project carousel at present involves:

Autumn 1 – Mystery and Magic – The Ancient Maya

Autumn 2 – World War 1 – People, Poets and Peace

Spring 1 – To Infinity and Beyond

Spring 2 – Our Blue Planet – Raging Rivers

Summer 1 – Our Green Planet – Mighty Mountains

Summer 2 – Invaders and Settlers (Ancient Romans)

More detailed summaries of schemes of work for KS3 can be accessed here: Subject Summaries. Whilst working towards academic goals (i.e. progression through levels / grades), our curriculum also seeks to develop the whole person through the ‘Character 120’ approach which sees every lesson carry a personal development goal alongside subject goals.

Our curriculum at KS3 includes a regular careers input which is outlined here: Careers at Highfields.