Offsite Provision

All students on roll at Highfields College are expected to attend the school unless they are on a trial / reintegration placement at a registered mainstream school or involved in a transition placement to a registered special school. Highfields College does not ordinarily commission educational placements at third party providers (Unregistered Alternative Provision) – instead, Highfields College has embarked on developing its own ‘in house’ offer of alternatives to its main offer.

For students who struggle to access the main provisions, Highfields College runs a variety of offsite satellite classrooms / provisions (known as our ‘AP Group’). These take the place of the school relying on finding work placements or hiring private educational AP providers, allowing the school to have a readily available and quality-assured range of alternative options for the most disengaged students.

With these, priority remains on core subjects – specifically English and Maths – but with a higher focus also placed on providing a curriculum that has a very obvious ‘hook in’ to make the school day appealing and attendance seem worthwhile to the student. This includes:

  • Stockport Young Futures – a provision provided support to all new admissions to the college alongside other transition-based interventions.
  • TASK – an art-based provision – opening Sept 2024, visit here for the vision statement.
  • Go The Distance – a sports-based provision – opened Jan 2024.
  • Cornerstones – a provision based on learning relevant to the care sector – opened Sept 2023.
  • My Sound – a music-based provision – opening Sept 2024.
  • Outreach & Personalised Learning Service – focused on core education and post-16 preparation for KS4 students – opened Jan 2022.
  • The Bridge – a KS3 core education provision with a significant outdoor pursuits element focused on working towards attendance at Highfields College main site or a return to a mainstream school – opening Sept 2024.
  • Inreach Pathway – a small 1-to-1 teaching centre, with a strong underpinning of restorative practices, to work with students involved in the most frequent / challenge conflict.
  • 3D Learning – an outdoor learning programme providing educational and personal development within forest, farmland and field areas. The activities involve forest school, farm-based work, use of local Scout camp facilities and explorative walks of the Peak District.

Since COVID-19, the availability of work experience placements has become increasingly limited. Where work experience opportunities do arise, Highfields College will visit to ensure there are shared values and, from there, commission a health and safety inspection. Again, it is expected that work experience over any duration takes up just 2 days per week with the remainder of the week at Highfields College. Again, a communication plan and schedule of monitoring visits will be agreed.