Outreach Hub

Outreach is the activity of providing services to any population that might not otherwise have access to those services – it is found in education, healthcare, libraries and other public services. The Outreach resource at Highfields College is funded at a much higher-level per student in order to reach those students and families who are most struggling to access and engage with education.


The Outreach Hub forms part of the graduated model of provision at Highfields to ensure all students receive a regular education. The provision of teaching and support via the Outreach Hub serves as a ‘last resort’ measure for a very small minority of primarily KS4 students who are not accessing education . The placing of students on at the Outreach Hub is only made where there is substantial legal and/or specialist medical evidence that the student will not be able to engage regularly in education within the main site – the placement is only made with agreement of parent/carer.

The first-contact for this area is the Director of Outreach:
Mrs S. Jones – 0161 406 7922/ sarah.jones@highfieldscollege.org.uk


The aims of area are as follows:

  • Provide intensive 1-to-1 teaching / access to education for students who have persistent non-attendance and/or repeated episodes of high-agitation and conflict within the main building.
  • Provide a time-limited intervention of ‘focused respite’ in terms of breaking cycles of conflict, often rooted in high-anxiety and fight responses – particularly where this cycle is currently entrenched and exacerbated by negative peer groups.
  • Formulate a programme of mentoring that will make inroads into a young person’s perspective of themselves, others and the value of learning.
  • Provide the opportunity for our most disengaged students to have regular contact with a school professional with expertise in SEMH – allowing for their welfare to be regularly monitored and where necessary, for the referral on to other agencies.
  • Establish / re-establish working relationships between staff at Highfields and the young person.
  • Establish / re-establish working relationships between school professionals, family and any outside agencies.
  • Provide an alternative educational environment that will likely lead to more successful outcomes in terms of a young person’s welfare, continuity of experience of education and the achievement of some qualifications rather than no qualifications.
  • Provide a regular contact with Highfields staff who can assist with research, correspondence and decisions around careers.

A short blog post about the Outreach Hub found here will give you more of a flavour.


The Outreach Hub runs a number of classroom areas to meet the above aims – these are as follows:

  • Personalised Learning Centre – This is two connected classrooms where we teach Core Subjects, Art, PSHCE, Business Studies to KS4 students permanently allocated to the Outreach Hub – students are generally taught 1-to-1 or in pairs. A number of teachers work here, some permanently deployed and some visiting from the main site.
  • Corner Room Project – This is our Health & Social Care themed room with it also providing Skills for Independent Living (SkIL) courses. It offers placements to students within the Outreach Hub and Main Site.
  • Go The Distance Programme – This is our new learning space at All Powers Gym. Having used the gym successfully this past 18 months for specific sessions, we have now formalised the arrangement 5 days a week and have our own coach in Mr Tait. It offers placements to students within the Outreach Hub and Main Site.
  • Stockport Young Futures – This is designated as our official Day 6 provision, meeting the requirement on Local Authorities to ensure students on the sixth day following permanent exclusion are in contact with another education provider. More about this can be found here.

How? When? Where?

Students are referred into the Outreach Hub via an internal referral form. From there, a 1-to-1 programme of delivery is devised by Mrs Jones in agreement with the student, parent/carer and any other involved parties. This agreement is based on the following principles:

  • Teaching and other support will take place in the Outreach Hub in the town centre or in a safe, CCTV-monitored, public building within easy reach of the student’s home (this will usually be a library or café). Prior agreement will have been made with the managers of the building for this to take place.
  • The student, parent/carer and school will sign a ‘working agreement’ outlining expectations, acceptable conduct and commitments.
  • The student will meet for a regular slot for an agreed amount of sessions each week. This will not be full-time as this is a resource-limited facility given the much higher costs of teaching 1-to-1 compared to group teaching (between 4 – 8 times the cost of an average Highfields College teaching group).
  • The focus will be on English and Maths in the first instance, with each student’s curriculum offer built-up from there.
  • A log will be kept of all sessions.
  • Where the working agreement is being repeatedly broken / not fulfilled, this will be referred to the Directors of Progress, SLT and any regularly involved agency – an education planning meeting will be called to review to the provision in place. Highfields reserves the right to withdraw this provision at this point.
  • All students on this placement have a ‘build up’ plan to extend their time in education.

The students follow a specific curriculum which is outlined here: Curriculum Overview 23 – 24 – Outreach Hub

More detailed summaries of schemes of work for KS4 can be accessed here: Subject Summaries.