Our Approach to Reading

It would be a stereotype to say all of our students struggle with reading as there are many students at Highfields College who have acquired foundational reading skills and approach reading with enthusiasm – this includes those students studying for GCSE English Literature.

However, it is a reality that a significant proportion of our students have historically struggled with reading – and require sensitivity, ongoing support and targeted coaching with reading over a period of time to overcome their fears, increase their access to texts appropriate to their age group and work towards mastery.

In terms of reading, our aim is for all students to leave Highfields College with:

  • competence and functionality in reading
  • having had a positive experience of reading
  • having had an experience of reading that involves diverse, inspiring and memorable texts
  • a recognition of the importance of reading as the foundation for future success, be that in full-time studies or through training in the workplace
  • a recognition that reading can provide enjoyment, relaxation, escapism and fascinating insights into other people’s lives and worlds

Our Reading Strategy Summary Statement – which gives a quick overview of how we go about achieving the above – can be viewed here.

The college has two experienced senior teachers of English and literacy who oversee this – Mr Wilkinson and Mrs Rowe. They work within a broader team of English specialists.

Our full Reading Policy can be viewed here.