Our Approach to Writing

Following hot on the heels of reading, at Highfields College we place a high importance on young people developing their skill and confidence in writing. This is because we know writing is crucial to achieving better engagement and outcomes in their education – and more generally as a lifelong skill. We recognise for some of our students, they have the potential and the inclination to come to love writing as an art form in itself and may want to go much further than secondary school in their developing of written talents – whereas for others we are realistic that writing is viewed more as a necessity, a tool they need to develop for their wider education, their future work prospects and to get on well in a print-based society.

As a minimum, we want our children to:

  • recognise the importance of learning to write
  • be able to spell within the average range or above for their age range
  • be able to construct legible sentences and use a range of punctuation
  • turn spoken answers into paragraphs of writing
  • write for a sustained length of time

With increased levels of competency, we want our children to:

  • enjoy writing and find the process creative, enriching and fulfilling
  • be aware of the key features of different genres and text types
  • read widely, recognising good writing, and understand what makes it good
  • use the knowledge and ideas gained from their reading and transfer them to their own work
  • confidently experiment with language and vocabulary in oral and written form
  • write for an audience or for a purpose
  • be inspired to write in response to quality core texts, exciting topics, visitors and events
  • know how to plan and prepare for writing
  • have a robust knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar and apply it in their writing
  • understand how to reflect upon, refine and improve their own work

Our Writing Strategy Summary Statement – which gives a quick overview of how we go about achieving the above – can be viewed here.

The college has two experienced senior teachers of English and literacy who oversee this – Mr Wilkinson and Mrs Rowe. They work within a broader team of English specialists.

Our full Writing Policy can be viewed here.