Governors Information

Highfields College has a Governing Board (sometimes referred to as ‘Governing Body’) which has the same authority and runs along the same lines as other state-maintained schools / educational provisions – more about their responsibilities and powers can be found here.  All members of the Governing Board are unpaid volunteers. Appointments to the Governing Board take place as follows:

  • LA governor – nominated by LA panel / appointment approved by GB
  • Parents – voluntarily offer to serve / elected by parent body (where one exists) / appointment approved by GB
  • Staff – elected by staff body / appointment approved by GB
  • Co- opted governors – appointed by approval of the GB

The Governing Board is constituted as follows: Highfields College Governing Board Members 13-07-23

Serving governors at Highfields can access GovernorHub to view documentation, receive updates and stay connected with the national picture. Headteacher’s Reports to Governors are available as limited access documents here – passwords will be provided on application to and approval by the Chair of Governors and Headteacher:

All governors follow the Highfields Governors Development Guide: Highfields Governors Induction Development Guide

The Governing Board Calendar for 2021/2022 can be accessed here: Governor Calendar – 23 -24. The Governing Board Attendance Record for 2020/2021 is available here: Highfields College Governing Board Meeting Attendance 22 – 23

Declarations of Interest information can be accessed here: Declarations for Governors Highfields College

The Governing Board for Highfields is currently organised as detailed below – the first point of contact is Mrs J. Quinn (Chair) – and the second point of contact is Ms A. McBride (Vice Chair) –