British Values at Highfields

As set out in our Values and Ethos – and as expressed through our Policies and Curriculum – we aim to promote shared British Values within all aspects of Highfields. We expect all individuals associated with our school to aim to adhere to and respect these values which unite and protect us all whatever faith, ethnicity, subculture or individual lifestyle.

The Government emphasises that school communities are required to ensure that shared ‘British Values’ are taught in all UK schools. The Government set out its definition of British values in the ‘Prevent Strategy’ – values of:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs
  • Mutual Respect

The way in which these are taught are appropriate to the stages of development for our young people. They find expression primarily through:

  • Curriculum – specifically as part of Citizenship, PSHE and our ‘Character 120’ Initiative
  • Assemblies and Whole School Theme of the Week
  • Themed Mornings / Days
  • Student Voice Group
  • Restorative Approaches
  • Communal Area Displays
  • Taking an affirming approach to different faiths and cultures
  • Rewards – specifically the voting aspect of Headteacher’s Award
  • Staff as Role Models

We have high aspirations for all of our young people regardless of background and ability. As reflected in our Character 120 Initiative, we believe that all young people can grow into individuals capable of the following personal virtues:

  • Curious and Thoughtful
  • Diligent and Determined
  • Self-Aware and Compassionate
  • Charitable and Democratic
  • Open-Minded and Discerning

A summary of what these look like in reality can be viewed here: Introduction to Character Education at Highfields

We believe that through recognition of British values and development of these virtues, young people can contribute positively to their own lives as a member of a school community, as a family member and as a neighbour – and in the future as a responsible local, national and global citizen.

Our full British Values Policy can be viewed here:

British Values Policy – June 2021

Our Prevent Policy, which looks at how we identify and respond to extremism, can be viewed here:

Highfields Prevent Policy – Sept 2020