Values and Ethos

Highfields College aims to be both a place of work and a community.

As a place of work, we aim to be a place with a shared purpose and shared goals. We aim to be a place where effort is encouraged and rewarded, where boundaries and routines are clear and kept to, where results show how well we are doing and how we need to improve further.

As a community, we aim to be a place for human beings to gather together in fellowship. We aim to be a place defined by the care, kindness and respect we show one another.

As a Pupil Referral Unit, all of our students and their families have had what might be described as ‘experiences of destruction’ – most commonly an experience of their school life breaking down. Some of our students and families may also have had similar experiences at home. We aim to offer ‘experiences of creation’ where new insights, horizons, opportunities and reasons for celebration are brought about for young people. As such, the work we undertake together is defined by the following hallmarks:

Care and Safety
Re-engagement in Learning
Educational Achievement
Access to Holistic Support
Enjoyment of Life Itself

Our main shared purpose is learning. We aim to provide education for the next steps in a young person’s school life and for life in general. The philosopher Socrates taught that people can come unstuck when they spend all their time trying to know and grasp obscure things before trying to know and grasp themselves. Our mission is for each student to know themselves first and foremost – using this increased self-efficacy as a solid platform to move to a permanent school or college, and in turn, to continue to learn new knowledge, understanding and skills.

When our students leave us – when it is their time to ‘fledge’ – we aim for them to be noticed by the following:

  • They will have clearly-articulated educational, career and life goals – not necessarily fixed and rigid, but nonetheless goals of meaning and substance.
  • They will have identifiable study pathways and a thirst for learning and development.
  • They will already be taking significant steps along this pathway.
  • They will have a perspective of the world that draws in an array of positives alongside realistic apprehensions and concerns.
  • They will show a measured level of trust and confidence in adults and British institutions to help them achieve their goals, especially educational institutions.
  • They will have insight into their strengths, areas for development, triggers – with self-help skills (self-regulation and coping strategies) to navigate through them.
  • They will have skills to keep themselves safe, both in the ‘real world’ and online.
  • They will have a sense of responsibility and ownership over their lives and their surrounding community.

We are a Pupil Referral Unit on a journey towards becoming an outstanding provision. As a staff, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile, working in partnership with schools and agencies across Stockport and welcoming all students (and their families) who have struggled within education.

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