What our parents say…

Highfields tries to work closely with our families alongside our young people. Here are a few comments recently passed to us by parents…

Thanks for all the support, I don’t know where my daughter would be if it wasn’t for all of you. And she is much easier at home too.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to my son’s form teacher and the extra miles she has gone to support him. She gave him the confidence and tools to turn himself around.
She believed in my son and in turn he learnt to trust her which he finds difficult. This led to him gaining a future job opportunity. People like your form tutor are what the children need today and she is a total credit to herself and your school.
My son is doing so well with all the changes, a new carer and a new school. He has not had anything bad to say about the school and really enjoys it. For the first time in ages he looks at school as being fun, and likes to go and do the work which he says enjoys.
He seems really settled getting up on time every day, getting 2 buses to Highfields which is all new to him. I feel that’s a real commitment to attend a school he enjoys.
Just a quick update on my son… He’s done his 1st full day on a building site … Thriving massively – all down to Highfields and the wonderful nurturing staff and assessments that took place there. We didn’t get the closure we wanted due to COVID but your efforts and input for my son have never gone unnoticed! We would like to thank you all! 
He has always had huge potential and aspirations – Highfields saw this and helped us find his forever school. Now he’s absolutely smashing life with new found confidence and self esteem. Highfields is not given enough credit for the wonderful place it is! You’ve been pivotal in my son’s success – he is now a contributing member of society! But above all he is happy.

I can’t thank all the staff enough for supporting my son through his transition. Thank you for all you’ve done for him! All the best for the future.