How is my child doing at Highfields College?

Highfields welcomes as much communication as possible between school and home. We believe our communication should share successes as well as any concerns.

We meet all parents/carers in person during each young person’s admission meeting.

As a young person’s placement progresses, all parents/carers can expect the following communication:

  • Daily summaries via the EduLink app.
  • Two named form tutors in school. One will be a teacher, the other will be a mentor – the mentor will have a direct mobile contact. The current list of form tutors can be accessed here.
  • A positive text message / phone call / written letter each week if the young person has earned standout achievement awards.
  • A phone call if the young person is causing concern – in terms of their well-being and/or behaviour – on the same day that this occurs, as near as possible to the concern being observed by staff. This may be followed up by a face-to-face readmission meeting.
  • Termly written reports (two snapshot reports, one full written report).
  • Termly open mornings (usually the last day of each term).
  • Two mock exam reports for Year 11s (usually December and March), one mock exam report for Year 10s (in July).
  • Further written reports on request and pre-arranged meetings to discuss progress – parents/carers can request this at any time.

For some young people, depending on their status, we may also need to enhance our communication via:

  • Weekly ‘On Report’ Meetings – including daily positive phone calls
  • Transition / Placement Completion Meeting for young people returning to mainstream or moving to special school
  • Meetings with an Educational Psychologist and/or Healthy Young Minds worker
  • Team Around the Child / Family Meetings – for more information about this, please view our information leaflet here.
  • Team Around the School Meetings – for more information about this, please view our information leaflet here.
  • EHC Plan Meetings – ‘Educational Planning Meetings’
  • Personal Education Plan (PEP) Meetings for Children in Care
  • Child Protection Meetings
  • Reduced / Personalised Timetables – for more information, please view our information leaflet here.

We also run a parent/carer survey on an annual basis to gain feedback on our provision as a whole.

For more information about how school communicates with home and the expectations we should have of one another, please visit here.

If you have anything you wish to discuss regarding the young person in your care, please do not hesitate to contact us – click here for further information.