Childhood Experiences Survey

As part of our work to understand each child at our school – and to help them develop – we need to know what difficult experiences they have had. To help with this process, we introduced a ‘Childhood Experiences Survey’ in December 2019 – this is a survey for parents/carers that looks at any disruptive events their child might have experienced and at what age.

This information will help us put in place the right support and mentoring. We treat this information sensitively – we never judge parents, we look first and foremost to support. We store this survey securely on our database and will only share it outside of Highfields with the permission of parents/carers.

This survey now forms part of our Admissions process. However, for students already on roll, we posted a paper copy home in December 2019 and have a copy available below, which you can print off and return to us:

Childhood Experiences Survey (V2)

Sometimes it is hard to revisit the past. It can be hard putting things ‘down on paper’ without a conversation. At Highfields we strongly believe face-to-face conversations can make all the difference. If you want to discuss this survey with us, then please contact one of the following Highfields staff on 0161 406 7922:

• Mrs McFadyen, SEND Coordinator
• Mrs Hibbert, Emotional Well-Being Lead
• Mrs Lewis, Head of Y7, Y8, Y9
• Ms Fletcher, Head of Y10 and Y11