Highfields College is the largest alternative education provider in Stockport. At the time of writing we have 180 students and we continue to grow. As we have grown, we have developed an array of engaging offers for our young people – from GCSEs to nurture groups to a range of vocational learning.

Because some of our young people arrive here after permanent exclusion from a mainstream school, there can be a negative view about us. This website has been put together to provide all the required information about us as a school – but we have decided to go one step further and put together as fuller view as possible for visitors – to give you a real view of what Highfields College is like day to day.

Highfields College is a community of individuals – there is not one set child or one set member of staff who fits the Highfields College profile. It is true some of our young people can be challenging at times – most of them are, after all, teenagers! We are not here to hide this. But so many of our young people go weeks, months, their whole school lives here without a repeat of their previous behaviours. They are happy and settled here, re-engaging in education and preparing for their future.

We have young people, families and staff from all over the world and all walks of life. We welcome and celebrate these differences everyday whilst remaining united around the goal of achieving the best for our children and their families.

We have a staff with a wide range of talents – again all united towards fulfilling potential.

We have children aiming for 7 GCSEs, hoping for sixth form – we have others aiming to gain their core subjects and a range of practical qualifications, looking forward to the world of work. We have some children who have missed school for a long time and are very much in the early days of getting started with education again.

We meet all of our children and their families where they are at, without judgement, and work with them step by step to prepare them to be good citizens within British society.

We have painstakingly built this college over the past few years to become a beacon for inclusion in Stockport – we have been awarded various quality marks and accreditations along the way as you will see on our website. As you read around our website and view our videos, we hope you gain more of a flavour of what we do, that you find a connection with our young people’s stories and come away with a different view of what a AP and PRU is.