Highfields College is a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) based in Stockport and has up to 125 full time places for young people aged from 11-16.

As a Pupil Referral Unit, our primary mission is to assess, re-engage and provide a pathway back to school for students who have previously experienced social difficulties, emotional difficulties and/or mental health difficulties. Our core work is summarised by the ‘CREATE’ banner:

Care and Safety
Re-engagement in Learning
Educational Achievement
Access to Holistic Support
Enjoyment of Life Itself

Students at Key Stage 3 (Year 7, Year 8, Year 9) are supported to overcome barriers to learning and will usually return to a mainstream school or be placed in a new school with a fresh start.

Although the onus is on a return to mainstream schooling, students in year 10 and year 11 often remain with Highfields until they reach school leaving age because they are undertaking examination courses and other accreditation which requires continuity. They will often attend Highfields with a personalised package of studies that may involve some time back in a mainstream school and/or a vocational-based placement.

We take referrals from across the Stockport borough – all students are encouraged to grow into positive members of their communities and to become successful Stoconians.

More about Our Values and Ethos can be found by clicking here.

A message from our headteacher:

Hello and welcome to Highfields College, where our mission is to provide new opportunities for growth and success to all students regardless of ability, background or circumstance.

Ever since coming to work at Highfields on a secondment in Autumn 2018, I have considered working here to be a privilege – and for that reason I am very happy to have been asked by the governing body and Local Authority to continue my work as Headteacher, alongside Deputy Headteacher Mr Howard, over the longer-term.

As OFSTED recently noted, Highfields is an impressive school, both in terms of its staff and students. We are all committed to the next phase of its development – on the one hand this will be returning us all to ‘everyday school life’ following the Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation and, on the other hand, it is about continuing to grow a school that will serve its young people and their families in the best ways it can.

Everyone at Highfields believes in the fundamental worth of each student. At Highfields every single student is provided with a wide variety of opportunities to develop academically – whilst being nurtured in terms of their personal development (self-awareness & social skills, citizenship & character). This takes place in a safe and upbeat environment involving small groups and well-trained, experienced staff.

We are child-centred. We work hard to assess each student in terms of their individual strengths, difficulties, differences and preferences – the plans and decisions that we then make are based on these assessments, carried out in conversation with the student, their family and any other involved parties (such as our partner schools). We encourage students to actively move on from the past, to focus on the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. We do this through a patient step-by-step approach rather than expecting change overnight.

It is a testament to the hard work of staff and students that we have recently received recognition from OFSTED, the ADHD Foundation, UNICEF,  Survivor’s Trust and the Association of Character Education. We also regularly receive positive comments from parents and carers, some of which you can view here.

I hope that you enjoy exploring our website – please contact us if you require any further information.

Best wishes,
Mr Grant, Headteacher