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Highfields is located on Essex Road, Stockport. The full postal address is:

Highfields College
Essex Road

The main school phone number for incoming calls is 0161 406 7922 (where appropriate, some staff may ring you back from their designated work mobile – they will be clear about this when they do).

The main school email address is

Below is guidance about who to contact regarding what matter. By referring to this guidance before you make contact, you will receive the quickest response possible. All face-to-face meetings with staff are by prior arrangement, unless it is an emergency.

We also have further guidance on how we regularly communicate with home and what we expect in terms of the treatment of one another during such communication: Guidance on Home-School Communication

Main Reception Contact

Our Main Reception is open 8am – 4pm each school day. It is staffed by Mrs Ward and Miss Ellis who are your first point of contacts for the following:

  • What time does the school day start / finish?
  • There is a really bad traffic jam in Stockport, my child is going to be late…
  • My child is poorly…
  • My child needs to be out of school at 1pm for an appointment…
  • What time did my child turn up today?
  • My child needs some new uniform…
  • Can I speak with my child’s Form Tutor?
  • I have a question / concern about _____, who do I speak to?
  • Can you pass a message on to [staff name] about [brief description of issue]?
  • Can I have a copy of my child’s timetable?
  • My child is new, can I just speak with someone about their first day?
  • It’s snowing heavily and roads are covered, is school staying open or closing?

There is an answering machine for out-of-hours and this is checked in the morning of every school day. Emails can also be sent to

Main Reception are also the first contact for invoicing, utilities, site issues.

Form Tutor Contact

The school has over 160 children at any one time, each with their own particular needs. Rather than have one person handling all queries,  Highfields College has one or more named Form Tutors for each child. This ensures that every parent/carer has a member of staff who knows their child well and can quickly respond. Our Form Tutors are experts in your child and can answer questions such as:

  • How is my child getting on at Highfields?
  • How is my child behaving this week?
  • What are my child’s current grades / levels?
  • My child is a bit worried about ______, please could you speak with them about this?
  • My child is currently not getting on with _____, can you keep an eye out?
  • Last night my child didn’t sleep very well, just wanted to let you know they might not be ‘on form’ today…
  • Is there any work my child can be doing at home right now?

The list of Form Tutors can be found here:


As long as you know which class your child is in, you will be able to contact their Form Tutor directly. If you are unsure which class they are in, please ask Main Reception. Please provide a description of the issue and ask for a call back – please keep in mind our Form Tutors have timetables so may not always be immediately available.

Safeguarding Contact

The Designated Safeguarding Lead for the Main Site (Essex Road) is Mr Howard.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead for Off-Site Provision (Brookfield House, Hallam Mill, Tiviot Dale) is Mrs Marshall.

Where you feel your child has been harmed or is at risk of significant harm (or any other of our children), we ask that  contact is made promptly with Main Reception with a brief description of the issue and you will then receive immediate contact with one of the above – or a prompt call back.

Whilst we cannot hold onto secrets and such calls may lead to us contacting other agencies, we will always deal with such contact sensitively and with discretion. Examples of such issues include…

  • My child has expressed they are having dark thoughts…
  • I am worried about a friendship / relationship my child has will cause them harm…
  • I suspect my child has been misusing substances…
  • My child has been assaulted by (someone at home, in the community, at school)…
  • I am worried my child has been self-harming…
  • My child’s mood has dramatically changed…
  • I have noticed something worrying near your school…
  • I have noticed something online that might involve your children…

SEND & Medical Needs Contact

The SEND Coordinator is Mrs McFadyen.

The school has a high number of children with Education Health  & Care Plans (EHCPs). The nature of our cohort also means that we often have wider queries about SEND, EHCPs and medical needs, such as:

  • I am worried my child has special educational needs (such as Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD)…
  • How do I get my child assessed to see if they have any difficulties with learning?
  • My child has just had a diagnosis of asthma, what do I need to do now in terms of school?
  • My child has an appointment with CAMHS, what information do I need to take?
  • I was advised at a previous school my child might need an EHCP and I am still wondering if they do…
  • I have looked up the criteria for Autism and I think my child shows some of the signs, what next?
  • My child has a special educational need and I want to know how school are catering for this need?
  • Exams are coming up and I would like to know if there are any access arrangements in place?
  • My child has an EHCP and I am wondering about what happens when they turn 16…

CLA Contact

The Designated Teachers for Children Looked After are:

Mrs Wareham

Mrs Davies

If you are a carer and have any concerns that cannot be addressed by the above contacts, please ring Main Reception and ask to book in a conversation with them.

External Agency Contact

All external agencies working with children who have not been assigned a named key worker already should contact our Main Reception and ask for Mrs Marshall, our Director of Care and Personal Development.  This includes social workers, medical professionals, YOS, admissions and pastoral colleagues at partner schools.

Headteacher Contact

The headteacher is Mr Grant. The headteacher can be contacted if you have gone through other channels of communication and have not had the response you require.  It is important to note the headteacher is the designated professional in school for managing high-level concerns and unresolved complaints – this means they must remain a step removed from everyday issues so that if a investigation is required, they are viewed by all parties as impartial.

If you have a formal concern or complaint, please contact Main Reception with a brief description. Main Reception may in the first instance seek to triage this to a well-placed colleague as they can often resolve it faster – or they might pass on the information directly to the headteacher who will then seek to formally book in a contact with you in line with our Complaints Policy.

Complaints about the headteacher should go to Mrs Quinn, the Chair of Governors –

Paper copies of any webpage and linked Highfields document are available to parents/carers free of charge. To request copies, please contact our receptionist on 0161 406 7922.