For young people attending Highfields, it is stating the obvious to say they do not always like school.

For some of our young people, they can find themselves on a ‘bad roll’. By this we mean finding themselves in conflict with other people, coming into school the next day with a negative mindset and, in turn, finding themselves in more conflict.

When this happens, we offer various ways to break this ‘bad roll’. One of these is our ‘Positive Stamp Card’ which students take with them, picking up stamps for all the things they get right in a day – each student agrees with their form tutor a daily reward and they can earn this by collecting a target number of stamps.

One of our Year 10s has recently found it difficult moving from one part of the site to another, as part of their move from Year 9 to Year 10. Last week they had a major breakthrough, earning a ‘perfect score’ – and also making some very tasty brownies in the process.

This is a shout out to that student – well done!