Recently Highfields has been very fortunate to happen across a ‘master potter’ – Miss Sattar – who has since joined our teaching & learning team.

In KS3 this week, Miss Sattar has been guiding students in Group E3 through a clay modelling activity, as part of the Blue Planet project.

Mrs Rowe, another member of staff also in the class, reports back:

“I just wanted to share with you the work Miss Sattar did with E3 today. They created 3D clay models using our Blue Planet project as a focus.

The work they did was brilliant and I have never seen the class as focussed for such a long period of time (2 full sessions after break!). They were settled and all concentrated for the full time on this. They even asked me to take progress pictures as they were so proud of what they created. Miss Sattar is going to take them to her studio to put in her kiln and she is going to bring in the paint so they can make them even better…expect more pictures at a later date!”

Well done to all involved – we can’t wait to see the finished products!