The ‘Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge‘ is a well-known activity to introduce students (of all ages!) to the basic principles of problem-solving – hypothesis, prediction, prototypes, error-finding, improvisation etc. The activity involves trying to design and build a weight-bearing structure using spaghetti as the beams and marshmallows as the joints.

The activity can be undertaken alone or in teams – in teams, the activity can provide a great platform for team-building as each member of the group shares their ideas, having to either persuade others or come to a compromise.

All of this very much fits with our Character 120 objectives around ‘Intellectual’ and ‘Civic’ development.

Today, Mrs Clish’s E2 students have been developing their problem-solving and teamwork skills via the spaghetti and marshmallow challenge! Who knew marshmallows could take on the same consistency as super glue! Lots of learning (and fun!) along the way and some successful structures were built that met the brief.