Today was the big day for our Y11 Leavers as they picked up their GCSE results. As part of this day, our headteacher Mr Grant has written to all Y11 Leavers and their families:

Letter to Y11 Leavers and Parents – 12th August 2021

GCSE results are part of a wider collection of qualifications / accreditation our students can achieve whilst at Highfields College. Generally speaking, we are proud of the way our students have applied themselves in what has been two years of turmoil, ahead of their next chapter. We would refute – with evidence – any suggestion the Class of 2021 have had it ‘easier’, as some are reporting in the newspapers.

Thank you to everyone involved in getting our Year 11s to this stage – teachers, the wider school support staff, families, external partners.

Onwards we go to next year…