This is our first academic year of offering Ceramics as a subject and our students are really starting to gain confidence in taking their clay creations (‘claytions’) to new levels. Miss Sattar would like to showcase this particular piece by one of our students – she writes:

“This lovely ceramic piece was inspired by Winifred from Hocus Pocus. It was made by one of our year 10 students during their Introduction to Ceramics project. This amazing portrayal of a beloved movie character demonstrates how our students are learning hand building skills: how to make pinch pots, roll slabs of clay and mould shapes. It is quite a technical piece as it features 4 pinch pots to create the hollow head and hair, and a slab that the head was built on, along with the melting candle and hands. It was then bisque fired in the kiln at 1000 degrees and painted with acrylic paint.”