It goes without saying that people from all walks of life have mixed feelings about their school years.

For some young people – and there will be many adults out there who can recall the same – their experience of school life is defined by stress and conflict. It becomes difficult to the point they stop attending and they become stuck in a rut – sometimes when they do attend, their anxiety is so high that they quickly hit ‘fight / flight’ and end up in situations that result in permanent exclusion.

The work of the Outreach & Personalised Learning team, based at a shared office block near Stockport town centre is focused on providing something that is ‘like school, but not like school’ to those young people most switched off by school life and their (right or wrong) perceptions of it.

This year we have had a small number of students attending our Personalised Learning Centre with increasing regularity – starting with their core subjects of Maths, English and Science before branching out into sport, music and, just recently, joining Stockport College to begin post-16 life early.

Here are some photos of the great progress being made: