Hello readers, this is a belated welcome to the new school year.

We have lots of exciting things happening at Highfields College this year in terms of our curriculum. We have increased the animals we have for our Animal Care course (more news to follow soon!), we have revamped our Forest School offer, we have a new Y7 to Y11 Computing course, we have a new Graphics Studio being fitted as we speak and we have started a Bicycle Maintenance course.

In addition to the above, we have also expanded our offer at Brookfield House to include the Corner Room alongside the Personalised Learning Centre and Day 6 Room. Mrs Uttley is leading this project.

Whereas the Personalised Learning Centre has a focus on core subjects, the Corner Room will have a focus on core subjects alongside health and social care.

Over the last couple of weeks students attending the Corner Room have been looking at food and utilities budgeting. Students have covered income, essential and non-essential bills. This week the students starting out on this placement were given a challenge to plan and make a healthy meal that they might eat themselves but also with a view to one they might then serve others in a care setting such as a Care Home or Nursery.

Students researched healthy foods, costings, undertook a shopping trip and, from there, created their meals.