Highfields College staff constantly look to review and improve on their work – we strive for excellence in all things. As part of this, we invite in respected organisations and other established AP / SEND schools to provide their feedback – not just in the hope of praise but so that we can see our school through fresh eyes and identify anything we need to develop further.

One of the organisations we work closely with is the Inclusion Quality Mark association. IQM is made up of 5500 schools and, via peer review, takes each school through a thorough annual self-evaluation, inspection and accreditation scheme around how they ensure young people and their individualities are recognised – and how barriers to inclusion are removed and differences celebrated.

The report from our most recent visit can be viewed here: Highfields College – IQM Report – Jan 2024

Thank you to every one involved in this, not least Mrs McFadyen (SENDCo) who organises the visits and provides the main steer on the process.