Next week is mock exam week for Year 11s and some selected Year 10s. This is a very important week as it prepares our students for their final exams – both in an academic sense, providing information about where they are at performance-wise, but also in addressing the reality of their situation that this is the final run-in for GCSEs.

Our cohort is very diverse with a high level of students with dyslexia and other identified conditions / SEND. As a result, we have a large proportion of students who have access arrangements – adaptations to how they do their exam which usually require a separate room. For this reason we do have to make all of our classrooms available for Year 11 use and request Year 10s to come in after exams have finished. As a result, the timings for next week are as follows:

  • Y11s are due in 9am and cannot leave until 10am earliest
  • Y10s are due in 12midday
  • KS3 are due in at the usual times

Please can we also reiterate that for students taking exams, examination days are to be treated as any other school day – as such, students attending exams are expected to sit their exams in the usual school dress code.