To bring our topic of ‘Organisation’ (The body)’ to life and to continue to ignite curiosity and scientific inquiry, this week we dissected an eye.

Our classes once again put on their gloves and got stuck right in cutting open and carefully dissecting an eye.

We found that you had to be very careful with the first cut and that it was important we wore goggles and the fluid could be a bit lively!
After cutting it open we searched for the lens and felt how rigid the outer caring of the eye was.

Inside we discovered rainbow colours on the back section of the eye, this was due to sun damage the pig had suffered over the years. An important reminder for us to wear sunglasses!

It really helped us to understand the structure of our own eyes and raised a lot of questions which we went on to find the answers to.
We’re getting more used to the dissections and investigations now, what might be next…?