At Highfields College, we recently had a delightful and educational encounter with the natural world, right in our own classrooms. Our school was lucky enough to receive two very special guests, Sheldon and Jack, the pet tortoises belonging to one of our Teachers. These charming creatures became the centre of attention among the Key Stage 3 students, sparking curiosity and joy as they learned about these fascinating animals.

The students had the unique opportunity to interact closely with Sheldon and Jack, engaging in activities like petting, bathing, and washing them. Such hands-on experience brought a wave of excitement and proved to be an enriching educational opportunity. The students were eager to learn more about how to care for tortoises, asking insightful questions about their diet, habitat needs, and general well-being. It was a perfect blend of fun and learning, illustrating the value of interactive education.

In a similar vein of fostering a love for animals and nature, another inspiring story unfolded in our E5 class. A young student, demonstrating an extraordinary passion for animals, decided to channel his interests into a compelling project. Leveraging his computing lessons, he crafted an informative presentation detailing his vast animal knowledge, which he was eager to showcase to our school management (MGR).

This young animal enthusiast’s dedication is not only a testament to his personal passion but also highlights the enthusiasm within the class for embracing a school pet. His broad knowledge spans across various species, and his ambition to pursue a career in zoology is evident. This project not only allowed him to share his passion with others but also reinforced the importance of pursuing one’s interests and dreams.

These stories from Highfields College illustrate the powerful role that animals can play in education and personal development. Whether it’s through direct interaction with pets like Sheldon and Jack or through dedicated student projects, it’s clear that our students benefit immensely from experiences that connect them closer to the natural world. Here at Highfields, we continue to support and encourage these valuable learning opportunities, fostering a nurturing environment where both students and animals can thrive together.