We recognise as a school that some students have to travel long distances across Stockport to get to Highfields. These efforts do not go unnoticed and we thank all parents/carers for their support.

However, recently there have been a small number of students – across the school – who are getting into bad habits and turning up late.

For the remainder of the school term, we are putting in place an extra 15 minute detention for students arriving over 5mins late. We will also be writing to parents/carers periodically to provide a total count of the minutes their son/daughter has been late.

For those students improving their punctuality, we will be recognising their achievements as part of our usual weekly rewards assembly.

As a reminder:

  • KS3 students are due to arrive 9am, with lessons starting at 9:15am.
  • KS4 Main Building students are due to arrive at 9:45am, with lessons starting at 9:55am.
  • KS4 PM students are due to arrive between 1:00 – 1:30pm, to check in with support staff and have a lunch if they choose, with lessons starting at 1:30pm.

We are very keen to ensure our young people are ‘school ready’ and ‘work ready’ when they leave us – part of this is keeping to a time schedule. If you have any concerns about your son/daughter getting into school on time, we are more than happy to discuss ways we can work together – please feel free to contact us.