In KS3 today, with the support of all school staff, we have celebrated Mental Health Awareness Day, #HelloYellow.

Students were welcomed by staff wearing yellow, which sparked the conversation. In classes, discussions were had with class teachers and support staff about the importance of being aware of your own mental health and helping to support other people’s mental health.

Students used art throughout the day to help fuel the discussion. Some students created scratch art posters, whilst other delved into the impact of poor mental health and what impacts it can have on people’s daily lives.

Throughout the day, students were taken from their classes in small groups, to make PlayDough with the wellbeing team. The students were taken to the engagement suite, to discuss mental health and feelings. The wellbeing team then spoke to the students about the benefits of PlayDough and the calming effect it can have. The students were then allowed to make their own PlayDough. The students were allowed to take their PlayDough to class, which for some students, became a tool to help them remain calm and on task for the rest of their day.

As part of the day we also had a cake sale to raise money for Young Minds – at the last count we had raised nearly £80.

Thank you to all involved!