At Highfields our informal rallying cry to partners is, ‘The young people at Highfields are the whole of Stockport’s future – this makes them the whole Stockport’s concern‘.

In turn, we welcome partners to come and participate in the life of Highfields. Over the past 12 months we have welcomed on separate occasions Councillor Dean Fitzpatrick, Councillor Becky Crawford and in the summer, the Mayor of Stockport Councillor Laura Booth.

Today we welcomed William Wragg MP, after he met our SEND Coordinator Mrs McFadyen a few months ago. William undertook a tour of the school, met with staff and had morning break brunch with our KS3 students – many of whom are his constituents and were keen to express a whole range of views on the issues of the day.

It was a positive for all concerned and we hope to continue to welcome partners from across Stockport.

Mr Grant