This week Highfields had the great pleasure – and power educational experience – of welcoming Round Midnight to work with our KS3 students.

This Birmingham-based ‘theatre in education’ company tackle challenging subjects within personal, social, health and citizenship education (PSHE and Citizenship). Their work encourages young people to think about the decisions they make in tricky social situations such as gang culture and youth disorder. By ‘decision making’, the work looks at questions of why we often ‘go along with the crowd’, what the consequences of our decisions are, how it feels to ‘go against the crowd’, how we can pre-script our answers when pressured by others etc. 

Unlike any other theatre group we have worked with, the ‘twist’ to this project is that the performance is all undertaken via virtual reality with students (and staff) playing a very active role in the scenarios being played out – and their decisions resulting in different outcomes within the story being told.

The day was highly engaging and provoked some very powerful discussions amongst all involved. Here are some photos from the event:

Getting the heads sets ready (without upsetting any carefully-crafted hairstyles!)…Completely ‘in the zone’ of decision making…Sharing with one another the decisions we made and what happened next – and how this relates back to ‘real life’…

Highfields would like to thank Round Midnight colleagues for visiting us – your warmth and enthusiasm with our young people made for an amazing day and we look forward to seeing you again soon!