Over the past few years, Highfields – more often than not through lots of digging by staff and students – has created a variety of new outdoor spaces for educational, enrichment and relaxation.

Since 2018 we have created a new allotment, two new Forest School areas, two wildlife ponds and we have planted over 3000 trees (helped by the fact we needed a new hedge for our school field perimeter!). This process is known as ‘rewilding’ and we are part of a wider movement that is seeking to do this across the UK.

With summer upon us, we are now seeing the fruit of our labour with a variety of wildlife being spotted across the site – including pressing questions for staff and students as to how pond skaters and water boatmen get to a pond without a stream (answer: they fly!).

As evidence of our rewilding credentials, just this morning Mrs Mason took this photo of birds feeding…