At Highfields College, alongside our focus on achieving success in subjects, we also work with our young people in terms of their personal development – sometimes known as ‘character’. This is hugely important because how they approach the world, and the people within it, will be as much a part of their future success, happiness and resilience during difficult times as any number or letter on a grade-sheet.

As part of our focus on personal development we have an initiative called ‘Character 120’ – which has seen us adopt 10 values we all seek to try to uphold…

More about our Character 120 project can be found here.

In class E1, Mr Pretsell reports positively on his students who are showing determination and diligence in their work this year – by this we mean putting effort into completing work on time but also taking extra care with their work rather than simply rushing through it.

And below are some pictures to prove it… In the words of Mr Pretsell, “I am massively proud of their efforts.” Well done E1!