The following post is about Forest Schools and its introduction to the curriculum for the 21/22 Academic Year. Forest Schools is a world-renowned alternative education programme for all ages and you can learn more about it here…

Mr Pretsell, our new Forest Schools lead, has now started taking KS3 students for regular sessions – he reports the following:

“We had a great start to the Forest School programme this week.

All students worked incredibly well together exploring the forest,  identifying the plants and trees in our environment. We also spent a great deal of time clearing the woodland of litter and other waste, which will make it cleaner for future sessions for us and cleaner for the local community who use it.

The highlight, however, had to be the homemade hammock. Not even a Highfields style ‘durability test’ (in other words, very energetic swinging!) managed to get our brave volunteer to fall out! Well done all!”

And, as ever with Highfields blogging, here is a photo to prove it!