As the weather warms up, the Forest School area is increasingly the highlight of the KS3 school day, with students using it for both learning and leisure. Recently, the area has found a somewhat unexpected use – a place to discover skeletons, albeit plastic ones!. Mr Biggar, one of our Senior Teachers within KS3, writes:

“Gladiator remains have been recently discovered near to Highfields College!

Key Stage 3 has been learning about the Romans in their project work and E4 used this latest discovery to help with our science work. Our task was to accurately locate some of the 206 bones within the human body.

After labelling up poor old gladiator ‘Maximus’ , we labelled ourselves back in the classroom to see how much we had remembered from the lesson. Everyone in the session learnt the names of many bones that they didn’t know before, all whilst having fun!”