Mr Pretsell, our Forest Schools teacher, has sent in the following photos and information to share as we approach the end of the school year.

Mr Pretsell writes…

E3 finished off their Forest school year by using lost of the tools they’ve learnt to safety utilise across all of their sessions. They have previously sourced the appropriate wood – from there they have cut, split and whittled the wood into forest mallets and used the remaining wood for decorative discs or forest spoons. Well done all.

As part of the KS3 Maya Civilisation topic taking place in the classroom, students in Forest School have also successfully created traditional maize flat breads which formed a staple of Maya diet. This has involved combining maize flour (pre-cooked corn flour), water, oil and a pinch of salt. The students then kneaded and pressed their dough to form small discs and interesting shapes before cooking on an open log fire. The sessions were practical, giving each student a tangible reward for their efforts, but also encouraged them to experience and reflect on other cultures – with a view to widening their cultural horizons.

The maize flat bread was a hit with all (well nearly all!) of the students. Well done class E3.