As part of the improvements made to our KS4 curriculum, we have opened a salon area within school. Within this new area, students can opt to learn about the following:

  • Introduction to the hair and beauty workplace
  • Health and safety
  • Evaluation and choice of hair and beauty products
  • Nail art
  • Hand and nail care
  • Make-up application
  • Hair styling

All of the sessions are designed to help our students to develop the essential skills needed for a headstart in the hair and beauty industry and a good introduction to the hair and beauty sector for those unsure of which career route they would like to pursue.

For those who take sessions in the salon but do not wish to pursue it as a career, they are still able to develop the following transferrable skills:

  • People-orientation – hair and beauty work revolves around ensuring customers get the most out of their experience – patience, politeness, balancing ‘the customer is always right’ and your own expertise – and always ensuring a customer leaves satisfied
  • Communication skills – talking in detail with people about their wishes and preferences, listening carefully and enabling people to feel comfortable to open up
  • Planning and scheduling – working to a time limit, mapping out a task into sequential steps, changing course to overcome problems

Here are some snapshots of the work undertaken so far: