A Highfields College, we understand that we all have our up and down days – and, in truth, up and down weeks. At Highfields College, we also believe the power of positivity and reward is far greater than the power of punishment.

There is a lot of research out there which backs this up – that by celebrating even the smallest of improvements and wins, we create positive momentum towards much bigger wins. This National Geographic video gives a snapshot of this:

As well as weekly rewards each Friday, our Relations Policy provides every student an opportunity to earn a reward trip every three weeks. They earn this by attending and earning raffle tickets (which have a points value) in lessons – those with the most over three weeks earn a place on the trip. Every three weeks the ‘race’ to earn the reward trip is reset so that every student – even if they have had a rocky patch – can build up positive momentum afresh.

This week students across the school have been participating in reward trips – KS3 students went to Summit Up Climbing Centre in Oldham. Our students conquered fears of heights, worked as a team, tried new challenges, supported each other and persevered to climb a range of walls- they definitely all worked up an appetite for McDonalds afterwards too! It was fabulous to witness such a great group of students working together to ensure they all had a positive experience whilst on the trip; they were all an asset to Highfields College!

Here are some photos from the event: