Mrs Uttley runs our Corner Room Project (more about this here) within our Outreach Hub. The Corner Room provides Health & Social Care learning and learning around Skills for Independent Living. Some students who attend the Outreach Hub as their main place of education attend the Corner Room as part of their personalised education package whereas other students attend from Main Site as an intervention (part of our ‘ECO Groups’).

Mrs Uttley has provided us with the following blog post this week:

Lots of exciting things have been happening in the Corner Room Project this half-term. This has been particularly so with our new Extra-Curricular Offer Groups (‘ECO Groups’) where we bring students up from the Main Site to focus on specific areas of learning that interest them – in the same way other schools might offer external vocational placements.

Although they were naturally a bit apprehensive at first about changing their school day (everyone likes a routine!), the students who have joined us recently have been engaging very positively in the sessions on offer.

A big focus of our learning has been early child development and we have a baby simulator doll to help with this. Before getting started with actually looking after the doll, the students quite rightly decided the doll needed a name with the majority voting on ‘Roary’ to reflect his rather loud and somewhat never-ending crying!

Students have been engaging in various tasks around caring for a new-born baby – looking at guidance and demos of how to feed, dress and ensure good hygiene routines are followed. dressing, feeding and looking at ways to ensure good levels of hygiene are followed. This provides good learning for life in general but also helps students reflect on the challenges and build foundations should they wish to go into a childcare career.

Within our Skills for Independent Living groups, we have progressed from researching and purchasing food to planning a small catered-for gathering. We held a coffee morning for parents and visitors – this allowed students to plan what food they wanted to make others. It was decided that cheesecakes would be a great option.

Here are the students engaging in various tasks this half term: